Don’t be afraid to constantly spice up your sex life

A little disclaimer right off the bat stating that these aren’t professional advice and things said here might not appeal to everyone or even be for everyone but these are just simple observations and, maybe for some, a nudge in a certain direction they so desperately needed. Regardless if you are tamest, the most vanilla person in bed or naughtiest and kinkiest sex freak there is, there is always a place for improvement and for trying out something different. No matter what we do or where we end up in life, a part of us never grows up and is always ready to play and that translates to most aspects of our lives, sex particularly so. I mean, I’ve heard grandmas making dirty sex jokes in their 70s and 80s so, what better combination is there than being both playful and perverted. There is probably such a persona in every one of us though some are more confident and open about their ideas whereas some need “convincing”, or a certain situation to happen, a compatible partner to enable their freaky side, etc. All in all, doing things is oftentimes more fun than not so, dare and try something new every once in a while. Of course, being open-minded also means not kink-shaming. What is an everyday occurrence to someone might look incredibly dirty to others. Even the term “cuck” started being used a lot in a derogatory meaning when used to insult your opponent targeting his masculinity and confidence when it has nothing to do with that. Be open-minded while keeping harsh criticism to yourself and don’t knock things until you try them. If you are really “vanilla” in bed, you can try and talk with your partner to see what excites both of you, looking for something neither of you tried yet always thought of. Playing with your naughty partner is just like playing best lesbian sex games. For some, even taking nude pictures could be a big step forward. Have your partner send you kinky nude photos while maybe slowly escalating the situation and having those pics taken in riskier places like changing rooms, offices, maybe from somewhere outside or from some even naughtier spots. You can also film yourselves. While many people (more often girls, and probably for a valid reason), don’t enjoy being filmed fucking, there are those who have whole galleries of their own videos so it’s safe to say many can be convinced into making home-made porn and even enjoying watching it afterward. Of course, I’m only talking about personal use, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, feel free to upload it online. Then there are sex toys. That is a whole different chapter and would take a lot more than a couple of paragraphs to talk about but go online, there is something even for the most timid. As you’ve noticed, this is aimed more toward tamer people. If you play free online porn games you’re probably past that looking for even kinkier things.