JerkDolls – Cuckold Simulator Game

JerkDolls is the most complex adult sex game that will let you recreate your wife as a video game character for virtual cuckold experiences.

JerkDolls: The Game That Lets You Cuckold Yourself

There are many cuckolding games out there, but I don’t know how many of them are able to give you that intense feeling of being cuckold for real. We found one game that gets closer to the real deal and that game is called JerkDolls. Although it’s just one game, you can consider that they are many porn games on JerkDolls. And that’s because this is a complex sex simulator with such an enhanced customization and so many kinks that you can experiment. Basically, it’s an open world porn game, but instead of a huge map to explore, you will get to explore your sexuality. And there are no limits in what you can do in this game.

This is one of the newest games on the market, and it comes with an up to date gaming engine which allows for so much awesome actions in the gameplay. In this following article we will teach you how to use the JerkDolls game to fulfill your cuckold fantasies, but also all the other kinks and desires that are running around in your mind. Read on and then play this game for free.

JerkDolls Can Help You Live Your Cuckold Fantasies

Are you married or in a relationship and your wife or girlfriend is not ready for a cuckold fantasy just yet? Well, we might not convince her, but we know that this game will help you fulfill that fantasy in the virtual world. And that’s because of the enhanced customization menu that JerkDolls is offering. Real Basically, this is the game that will let you recreate your wife or girlfriend as a porn game character and then have her getting fucked by lots of guys, including black men and even gangs of horny dudes ready to make her a shared cum slut.

When you will enter the game, you will find a customization menu that will let you select everything about your character. From height, body type and forms, to facial traits, hair style and tattoos or piercings, everything can be customized about the babes you’ll be playing with. And after you do that, the real gaming begins. You can take the character that’s based on your wife or girlfriend and put her through all kinds of crazy kinks. There are no limits in what you can do in this game. Everything is possible if you dare to play.

So Many Other Fantasies Can Be Fulfilled In JerkDolls

If you’re also into other naughty kinks that are hard to fulfill in the real life, JerkDolls has your back. It combines family sex games, Sex Simulator games, celebrity sex games and so many other genres into one title that will sure make you a happy player. Use the same customization menu to recreate any forbidden babe that you’d wish to fuck. It can be your stepmom or your stepsis, the wife of your brother or the cute best friend of your daughter. On top of that, the game also comes with lots of character skins for all your favorite celebrities, characters from movies, tv series and cartoons. And if you don’t find a famous babe you’d wish to fuck in this game, just create her from scratch.

JerkDolls is completely free. You won’t need to register, pay or download anything. It’s the most epic release the adult gaming industry has seen so far. Basically, with this title you won’t need any other games, because it lets you do anything you want with whoever you want. Let your fantasies run wild in JerkDolls and come thank us later!